News 15.12.2020

Ilmarinen’s Christmas donation goes to the Children and Youth Foundation

Instead of sending Christmas greetings, Ilmarinen supports the Children and Youth Foundation with a donation.

Ilmarinen will donate 5,000 euros to the Children and Youth Foundation's Christmas fundraiser, which raises funds to strengthen young people's faith in the future. The donation target was selected by a staff vote.

- The Children and Youth Foundation does a variety of work and reaches a large number of young people every year. Corona times have been challenging, especially for young people. Building faith in the future is now particularly important, says Liina Aulin, Ilmarinen's EVP, Communications and Corporate Responsibility.

Ilmarinen donates annually to non-profit causes. Donations support research or activities aimed at prolonging working careers, promoting the integration of young people into working life and preventing disability and exclusion. The amount of funds used for donations is decided annually by the General Meeting.

Earlier this year, Ilmarinen made donations to MIELI Mental Health Finland and the Finnish Red Cross.

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News 16.2.2021

Ilmarinen supports call for effective GHG pricing

Ilmarinen has signed the new Call on Carbon initiative, which aims to ramp up climate investments and effective carbon pricing. The new petition was launched by Climate Leadership Coalition, Haga Initiativet and Skift Business Climate Leaders, and supported by Corporate Leaders Group, BCSD Portugal and CER – Sustainable Business Network Slovenia.

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Press release 11.2.2021

Ilmarinen’s financial statements 2020: Solvency strengthened further despite the coronavirus crisis, efficiency improved substantially

The return on Ilmarinen’s investments was 7.1 per cent as the coronavirus crisis was shaking the markets. The value of investment assets increased to an all-time high, more than EUR 53 billion, and solvency strengthened. Operating expenses decreased by 9 per cent.

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Press release 15.11.2020

Ilmarinen expands use of cloud technology with TietoEVRY and Google Cloud

Ilmarinen expands the use of cloud-based Infrastructure services in cooperation with TietoEVRY and Google Cloud. A core part of Ilmarinen’s strategy is to exploit modern cloud technologies, aiming at flexible and efficient business development.

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