Press release 15.11.2020

Ilmarinen expands use of cloud technology with TietoEVRY and Google Cloud

Ilmarinen expands the use of cloud-based Infrastructure services in cooperation with TietoEVRY and Google Cloud. A core part of Ilmarinen’s strategy is to exploit modern cloud technologies, aiming at flexible and efficient business development.

– As a responsible company, we are continuously looking for ways to improve our business, enable a smooth customer experience and manage our customers’ pension assets in a cost-efficient and secure manner. By expanding cloud services, we will accomplish savings and strengthen both the digitalisation of customer processes and the flexibility of service development, says Mikko Lantto, Ilmarinen's Director of Technology and Development

TietoEVRY will continue to work with Ilmarinen as the overall provider of cloud and infrastructure services as well as administering and developing the company’s multi-cloud environment. TietoEVRY has extensive knowledge of the employment pension industry as well as strong transformation and technology expertise in the area of developing modern cloud services.

– It is great to be involved in accelerating the implementation of Ilmarinen's strategy and strengthen competitiveness as well as support the company's digital transformation journey with our strong modernization and cloud services expertise. We are pleased to be able to further deepen our long-standing partnership, says Satu Kiiskinen, TietoEVRY’s Managing Partner, Finland.

Google Cloud has made major investments in its data center in Hamina, Finland, and the employment impact of the data center is large locally. The former paper mill has also been heavily modified to meet the requirements of sustainable development and energy efficiency.

 – We made an extensive comparison between different cloud service platforms and Google Cloud was selected from the crowd. In addition to cost efficiency and flexibility, important criteria were the location of the data in Finland, a high level of data security and protection, and local expertise. Ensuring the continuity and uniformity of service production was also at the heart of the selection criteria, Mikko Lantto states.

– By selecting TietoEVRY and Google Cloud, Ilmarinen can take advantage of the cloud while complying with provisions and regulations in the insurance industry such as data localisation to Finland. Google Cloud's open ecosystem will also support Ilmarinen's agile development of digital services and optimize their other technology investments. Our data center located in Hamina also offers low latency data connections which are critical for the performance of Ilmarinen's IT services, says Markus Hongisto, country manager for Google Cloud, Finland. 

The transition to the cloud platform will take place in stages, and the first transfers have already been completed. At the same time, other infrastructure solutions will be utilized, selecting the most suitable operating environment for each service.    

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Article 5.5.2021

Specialist of the Month: Gerald Esono

At Ilmarinen, we take care of the pension security of more than a million Finns. For almost 60 years we have worked together with employers to create a better working life and promote work ability. But who are the people doing this work? Read on to see what our Specialist of the Month Gerald Esono has to say about his work.

Specialist of the Month: Gerald Esono

Press release 30.4.2021

Ilmarinen’s Interim Report 1 January to 31 March 2021: Return on investments was 4.8 per cent, solvency and net customer acquisition strengthened

The return on Ilmarinen’s investment portfolio was +4.8% (-7.5%) or EUR 2.5 billion thanks to the positive performance of the equity markets. The market value of investments grew to EUR 55.4 (53.3) billion. The long-term average return on investments was 6.0 per cent. This corresponds to an annual real return of 4.5 per cent.

Ilmarinen’s Interim Report 1 January to 31 March 2021: Return on investments was 4.8 per cent, solvency and net customer acquisition strengthened
Puita ja Ilmarisen toimistorakennus ulkoa, kuvituskuva.

News 22.4.2021

Ilmarinen became a seed investor in a new Low Carbon Fund  with 170 million euros

Ilmarinen has become a seed investor in AXA IM’s new mutual fund, the AXA WF US High Yield Low Carbon Bonds Fund, with 170 million euros. The fund is one of the first of its kind globally. The fund’s investment approach is fully ESG integrated and particularly focused on the carbon and water intensity scores of issuers. The investment is part of Ilmarinen’s overall responsible investment strategy. 

Ilmarinen became a seed investor in a new Low Carbon Fund  with 170 million euros
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