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News 18.11.2020

Welcome to our new website – makes for easy pension and insurance

Our website has been renewed. Special emphasis has been placed on improving the website’s accessibility and availability.

“Our website now serves all users better than before. We have modified the website’s structure, content and presentation to make the website as understandable and easy to use as possible for everyone. We reviewed the content, doing away with any unnecessary obstacles and official jargon”, says Liina Aulin, Executive Vice President, Communications and Corporate Responsibility.

Ilmarinen is responsible for the pension cover of close to 1.2 million people. Following the renewal, the website will be even more successful and agile in serving our various customer groups in different situations.

“We wanted to engage our customers in the planning process and we collected valuable insights and experiences from them. This resulted in a website that is better designed to serve our customers in different situations and needs, while also taking into account current issues. We are using analytics to develop the website and to keep it up to date”, says Marja Siren, the Head of Department in charge of Ilmarinen’s digital channels.

The sections aimed at self-employed persons, employers and private customers have been designed so that they are easier to navigate and provide guidance and support with a view to making handling matters online as smooth as possible. In the new Work Ability Arena, we provide information, tools and support for the management of disability risks. The ‘Tomorrow’s news’ section features articles, blogs, webinars and other current content. The renewal will also update Ilmarinen’s visual identity. The services for logged-in customers were not included in the renewal.

The website renewal project involved a large number of Ilmarinen employees.

“This has been a great collective effort and an opportunity to expand our expertise in online writing, customer-driven planning and fostering accessibility. I’m very proud of our team,” Liina Aulin says.

A good website is never complete.

“Our website must definitely evolve and offer the kind of services and content that our customers need. We welcome every piece of feedback and will use it to continuously develop the website,” Marja Siren says.

Tell us what you think about our renewed website!

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