News 13.1.2021

Agreement between the EU and the UK – impacts on social security yet to be specified

Negotiations on the future relationship have been concluded between the European Commission and the United Kingdom. The agreement was signed 30 December 2020.

The agreement is applied temporarily from 1 January 2021. The agreement will be eventually in force when the European Parliament gives its approvement and it is approved by The Council of the EU.

The regulations of social security included in the agreement are similar to the EU social security regulations.

  • Main principle is that a person belongs to the social security of only one country at a time.
  • Main rule is that the person is insured by the legislation of the working country, exceptions are posted workers and self-employed persons, and persons who work in two or several countries.
  • Regulations of pension, such as payments and application are similar to the EU regulations for social security.

Finnish Centre for Pensions will publish directives of the regulations in the beginning of the year.

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