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News 1.3.2021

Employer, see your client bonus and contribution reductions online

We have calculated your final client bonuses and other reductions to your contribution. You can see them from March 3rd onward by logging in to our employer’s online service.

As a rule, contribution reductions will be taken into account in future TyEL invoices as of March or, if you have unpaid invoices that are falling due, the bonuses will first be used for these invoices. To see for which invoices the bonuses have been used, log in to the online service and retrieve a statement.

The TyEL contribution reduction during the coronavirus crisis reduced client bonuses

However, the TyEL insurance contribution percentage was reduced by 2.6 percentage points due to the Covoid-19 pandemic that broke out last spring. The reduction concerned TyEL contributions collected on wages and salaries paid between May and December 2020.

Employment pension insurance companies cannot pay client bonuses for the period during which the TyEL contribution was reduced. That means that the spring 2021 client bonus is a third of its normal level. The amount of client bonuses decreases regardless of how long the insurance was in force in 2020.

Are you using the service in payroll calculation?

If you are a corporate user of, now is a good time to change the sender of the invoice to Ilmarinen. That allows us to use the client bonus for the generated invoices. Through a corporate user interface, you can change the sender of the invoice in the employer’s pension insurance information in The selection can be found under employer information.

If you want to continue receiving the TyEL contribution information from, please make sure that we have the policyholder’s up-to-date account number for the bonus refund. You can check your information by logging in to our online service.

Report the policyholder’s bank account number

We require a bank account number for any insurance contribution refunds. As a rule, the client bonus and other contribution reductions, as well as any credit resulting from the correction of earnings data, are used for invoices. If you do not receive invoices from Ilmarinen, we will refund the money to the policyholder’s bank account. Report the account number by logging in to our online service. If you do not have credentials yet, please request them in order to make it easier to use our services.

Fill in the user agreement for Ilmarinen’s online service. (PDF)

How we have succeeded

Employment pension companies’ transfers to client bonuses in 2021, EUR mill. and in relation to payroll

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