News 16.2.2021

Ilmarinen supports call for effective GHG pricing

Ilmarinen has signed the new Call on Carbon initiative, which aims to ramp up climate investments and effective carbon pricing. The new petition was launched by Climate Leadership Coalition, Haga Initiativet and Skift Business Climate Leaders, and supported by Corporate Leaders Group, BCSD Portugal and CER – Sustainable Business Network Slovenia.

The petition emphasizes that the countries should back their net zero targets with Paris Agreement consistent effective and reliable carbon pricing instruments, align their carbon pricing instruments where appropriate between countries to create a stable investment environment and finalize the rules for international market mechanism.

There are concerns, as today only less than a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions are covered by carbon pricing initiatives, and only a fraction of those are within the recommended range for the Paris Agreement. The direct fossil subsidies are a tenfold and the indirect costs of the fossil combustion and the impacts magnified by the climate change a hundred times bigger than the revenues raised by the carbon pricing.

For an investor, such as Ilmarinen, it is important to agree on the terms of carbon pricing and emission trading.

– It's important that GHG emitters pay for emissions. When emissions are priced, market participants can include the matter in their decision-making. This encourages emission reductions, states Karoliina Lindroos, Head of Responsible Investment at Ilmarinen.

Towards carbon neutral investments by the end of 2035

Ilmarinen has set a goal of carbon neutral investments by the end of 2035. The carbon risk is evaluated broadly. The aim is to affect the companies in such a way, that they would do concrete actions to reduce their emissions.

As one of the first steps towards carbon neutrality, in 2020 we extended our carbon intensity assessment from only coal to also other fossil fuels. We will only invest in high carbon risk companies, if the company has credible emission reduction targets and demonstrates that it is reducing the carbon intensity of its business.

– The pricing systems for carbon have increased during the past years. However, they cover only less than one quarter of the green house gas emissions globally. We expect the increasing trend regarding pricing systems to continue. We use scenario models to study the potential effects of the evolving carbon pricing to our investments, Lindroos says.

Countries are urged to act fast, already in 2021. This would support the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow in November and make it a true game changer.

Climate Leadership Coalition is a European non-profit climate business network, with 81 members. Ilmarinen participated in signing an earlier CLC pledge already in 2019, targeted for the EU leaders to reach carbon neutrality.

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News 31.3.2021

Nordic Engagement Cooperation (NEC) expanded its focus to sustainable water management – annual report 2020 published

Nordic Engagement Cooperation (NEC), a collaborative engagement network between large Nordic institutional investors (pension funds), expanded its focus to sustainable water management in invested companies in 2020. At the end of 2020, Ilmarinen had altogether 13 ongoing engagement processes, of which eight were part of the NEC collaboration.

Nordic Engagement Cooperation (NEC) expanded its focus to sustainable water management – annual report 2020 published

Press release 24.3.2021

Ilmarinen reached almost all of its climate targets for 2016–2020 – Annual and Sustainability Report 2020 published

Ilmarinen reached almost all of the climate targets it had set for the period 2016–2020. The most notable success was the 14 per cent decrease in the carbon footprint of real estate. Furthermore, investments in sustainable development nearly doubled and the carbon sinks of forest investments grew 44 per cent. The Annual and Sustainability Report for 2020, which is published today, also presents new forward-looking data and analysis on the climate impacts of investments.

Ilmarinen reached almost all of its climate targets for 2016–2020 – Annual and Sustainability Report 2020 published

Article 19.3.2021

Master your ESG data

Gold mining from the rich sources of alternative data in finance might be challenging, yet it is rewarding. As there is a vast mixture of data sources and data available to investors with a sustainability mindset, it is increasingly important to have a comprehensive understanding of the methods behind the ESG data to make valid inferences to support the decision-making process. Master your data and it will become your competitive advantage.

Master your ESG data
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