Electronic invoices are effortless

What if you could receive your TyEL and YEL invoices electronically? Electronic invoices arrive quickly and are environmentally friendly. And are easy to file.

If you wish to transfer from paper invoices to electronic invoices, we offer two options: the e-invoice and online invoice. They both contain Ilmarinen’s account number and reference number and the invoice’s other details, which saves you from having to type them into the computer.

You will begin receiving e-invoices once you make an agreement with your bank. After this your invoice will be sent to your online bank instead of a paper copy being sent to your business or home address.

You can transfer to online invoices once you and your online invoice operator have made an agreement.


Start using e-invoicing

Most banks offer the e-invoice service. When you next time pay the paper invoice you have received from us in your online bank, the bank will suggest to you that you transfer to an e-invoice. Answer “yes” and provide the information requested by the bank. It’s as simple as that. 

Once you transfer to e-invoices the next invoice you receive from us will probably be an e-invoice. When the invoice arrives in your online bank, follow these steps: 

  1. Open the e-invoice and read it.
  2. Click the link on the e-invoice to access an invoice that looks like a paper copy.
  3. Change the due date of the invoice if you wish.
  4. Confirm the invoice and the program will pay the invoice for you on the due date.
  5. Return to the invoice whenever you need to – your e-invoices will remain safe and secure in your online bank where you can peruse them at your leisure.

For more information on the e-invoice, contact your bank.


Start using online invoicing

You will begin receiving online invoices once you make an agreement with your online invoice operator. Operators include banks and companies specialised in online invoices. 

When you wish to begin receiving online invoices from us, follow these steps: 

  1. Select an online operator.
  2. Sign a contract with your operator so that you can begin to receive online invoices.
  3. Purchase online invoice software if it is required.
  4. Let us know the name of your operator and the online invoice address given by your operator. You can give the information in our online service at ilmarinen.fi.

Apply for an online invoice

If you agree with your operator that, in addition to receiving online invoices you may send them, you can begin to send online invoices to your customers. You will be helping to save the environment. And often a fair amount of money too. 

For more details on the online invoice please contact your operator.