Easy insurance online for accounting offices

As a representative of an accounting office you are required to send out a great many notices on behalf of your clients. Our online services provide an easy and quick way to take care of notices and other pension insurance-related matters.

Employment information, payroll data and personal details. You need to submit notices concerning these on behalf of your clients, sometimes even monthly. The simplest way to submit these notices is on our online service. It also enables you to take care of any other pension insurance matters for your clients. 

The online service is safe due to the secure connection. The online service is also very convenient. When your accounting office begins to utilise it you need to agree on which of your employees will become service users. Each user will then be able to submit notices in the online service on behalf of any of your office’s clients. The notices are “employment files” that the user saves on the online service. The user can, however, only access the insurance policies of his or her own client. Those entrusted to him or her by the client. That is why the online service is also reliable. 

Start using the online service

When your accounting office wishes to begin managing its clients’ TyEL and YEL insurance online, go with Ilmarinen’s online service. The service will become available to you when you sign an online service agreement. 

Follow these steps: 

  1. Agree with your client that your office will begin managing their pension insurance online.
  2. Fill in our Online Service Agreement. Include your client’s name in the agreement and the persons named by him or her. Also mention which insurance policies they will be managing. Ask your client to sign the agreement.
  3. Send the Online Service Agreement to us by mail to the address Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company, 00018 Ilmarinen. Or send a scanned copy to verkkopalvelu@ilmarinen.fi

Your accounting office will receive as return mail the IDs for the online service’s users. The passwords will be sent to the users personally. 

Make one agreement for each customer and their specific pension insurance policies. When your customer asks you to manage more pension insurance policies online, make a new Online Service Agreement. This ensures that your accounting office, clients and we are all in the picture concerning what has been agreed on. And guarantees that everything functions smoothly. 

If you wish to discuss our online service, please call us. Our customer service can be contacted at +358 10 284 3714.

Notices for temporary employers

Each online service user can submit notices on behalf of temporary employers. This is easy to do through the Temporary Employer’s Service (the service is available only in Finnish and Swedish). 

Temporary Employer’s Service 

Take out pension insurance online

Also make use of the internet when taking out new TyEL and YEL insurance policies for the clients of your accounting office. It is the most convenient way (the service is available only in Finnish and Swedish). Or you can fill in and print out an application form and send it to Ilmarinen by post.

Take out insurance

Application for TyEL insurance (PDF)

Application for YEL insurance (PDF)