Information service for employers– monitor pension expenditure and risk

Make use of Ohjaamo, the information service for employers. It gives you comprehensive information on your company’s pension expenditure and its impact on your contribution category. It also gives you an estimate of the development of your contribution category to support your decision-making.

Make monitoring easier

The information service for employers, Ohjaamo, helps you stay up to date on the number of disability pensions and the vocational rehabilitation situation in your company, and their impacts on your earnings-related pension insurance contribution. See below for instructions on how to get a user ID for the information service. If you already have a user ID, you can log in using the ‘Log in to the service’ button.

In the information service for employers you can see, among other things, your company’s contribution category and vocational rehabilitation situation. Based on real-time data, you can plan measures related to the earnings-related pension insurance contribution.

Request a user ID and start using the service

Credentials and additional information on using the service are available by email at