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Earnings-related pension insurance (TyEL)

The pension cover of your employees is your responsibility. When you take care of it, you increase your employees’ pensions. And ensure that future generations will receive theirs.

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Insure your employees with us

Well-being at work and rehabilitation

When people feel good, they do their jobs well. This can be seen in your company’s result. If your employee's work capacity weakens read more about rehabilitation.

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Are you considering hiring a new employee?

Our salary calculator helps you to get a sense of the incidental wage costs involved in hiring a new employee or a pay rise. The calculator uses rates for current year. 

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Breakdown of salary costs

Employer´s contribution

Due gross pay to the employee

Total hourly wage 0,00 ?
Holiday compensation 0,00 ?
Total gross pay0,00

Employer´s costs

Health insurance contribution 0,00 ?
Earnings-related contribution 0,00 ?
Unemployment insurance contribution 0,00 ?
Accident insurance contribution 0,00 ?
Group life insurance 0,00 ?
Total incidental costs0,00

Employee´s contribution

Costs to be withheld from salary

Earnings-related contribution 0,00 ?
Unemployment insurance contribution 0,00 ?
Tax on income 0,00 ?
Amount to be paid to the employee0,00

The employer´s costs vary according to the sector of industry and the company´s size. The default values used in the calculator are averages. Verify the conclusive rates and contributions from the tax authorities, KELA, your insurance company and from the collective agreement of the branch in question.

For the mothly notification method follow these steps

Report your payroll once a month

Submit the monthly notification once a month. Report the earnings of each of your employees and other information for one month. Submit the notification at the latest on the 7th of the month following the payment of wages or salary. If you have not paid any wages or salary, do not submit a notification.

Pay the TyEL contribution once a month

After you have submitted the monthly notification, we will send you an invoice for the advance TyEL contribution. It will fall due on the 20th of the same month.

The final TyEL contribution is determined in the annual calculation

Your annual calculation will be ready in the spring. It will indicate the size of your final TyEL contribution. It also shows whether you have paid too much or too little in advance contributions. If you paid too much we will refund the amount and if you have paid too little, we will send you a balancing invoice. The invoice will arrive in spring and must be paid in one instalment.


Using annual notifications?

From the annual notification method to monthly notifications?

When applying the monthly reporting method you report the earnings once a month. And pay the TyEL contribution once a month. You do not need to submit an annual notification. And you always pay exactly what you need to. When you change notification and payment methods during November you begin applying the monthly notification method as of the beginning of January.

Change your notification and payment method