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Am I a temporary employer?

You know you are a temporary employer when you temporarily hire one or more employees for your company, house, yard or forest and you pay a specific sum in wages and salaries, altogether less than EUR 8,346 for six months in 2018 (EUR 8,334 in 2017).

As a temporary employer

Sometimes you hire an employee temporarily. For your company, home, yard or forest. You need to take care of the pension cover of these employees. This becomes your responsibility whenever you pay at least a specified minimum amount of wages or salary. In 2018, that sum is EUR 58.27 per month (EUR 58.19 in 2017).

Employees' pension cover

As a temporary employer arranging pension cover for your employees is simple: all you need to do is pay the earnings-related pension contribution, i.e. TyEL contribution. The contribution is a percentage of the wages or salary you have paid to your employee. In 2018, the percentage is 25.3 (25.1 in 2017). The employee pays a share of the contribution. Deduct the employee's contribution from his or her pay and pay us the contribution. 

Improvements in our online service

We have improved our service for temporary employers by making it even easier and simpler to take care of matters online. In the service, you will require access to your online bank where you pay your TyEL insurance contributions. The service is only available in Finnish and Swedish.

Submit employee data following the payment of wages

You can conveniently arrange pension cover in the online service for temporary employers. In the service, report the employment information and pay the TyEL insurance contribution through your online bank.

1. Payroll period and employer’s information

Visit the service and submit a payroll notification no later than the 20th day of the month after the month in which wages or salaries were paid.

2. Employees and payroll information

Enter the employee’s name, personal identity code and gross pay, and save the information in the list. If the personal identity code is missing or if the employee does not have a Finnish identity code, enter the person’s date of birth (ddmmyy) and gender.

3. Review the summary and pay in your online bank

You can go back to the previous page if necessary to edit or delete information. When all the information is in order, log in to your online bank and pay the insurance contribution, then return to the service. You will be taken to a confirmation page, where you can save and print out a summary of your notifications for accounting purposes.

Are you considering hiring a new employee?

Our salary calculator helps you to get a sense of the incidental wage costs involved in hiring a new employee or a pay rise. The calculator uses rates for current year. 

Fill in the employee´s data


Breakdown of salary costs

Employer´s contribution

Due gross pay to the employee

Total hourly wage 0,00 ?
Holiday compensation 0,00 ?
Total gross pay0,00

Employer´s costs

Health insurance contribution 0,00 ?
Earnings-related contribution 0,00 ?
Unemployment insurance contribution 0,00 ?
Accident insurance contribution 0,00 ?
Group life insurance 0,00 ?
Total incidental costs0,00

Employee´s contribution

Costs to be withheld from salary

Earnings-related contribution 0,00 ?
Unemployment insurance contribution 0,00 ?
Tax on income 0,00 ?
Amount to be paid to the employee0,00

The employer´s costs vary according to the sector of industry and the company´s size. The default values used in the calculator are averages. Verify the conclusive rates and contributions from the tax authorities, KELA, your insurance company and from the collective agreement of the branch in question.

Instructions for logging in and using the service

You can use the service if you have a TyEL insurance contract with us

The Business ID or personal identity code you have provided has a valid TyEL insurance contract with us. This payroll notification is intended only for temporary employers.

Insurance made easy on our online service

We encourage our contract customers to use our online service. You can begin using it right away by creating user IDs to access the service.

• A wide range of services available to you.
• All of your payroll notifications will be archived in the online service.
• You can use your previous notifications as the basis for new notifications.
• You can print summary reports and notification certificates, and you can make use of the other diverse features of the online service.

Create a user ID

1. Select Create user ID and password.
2. Choose your online bank and authenticate your session.
3. Enter the user’s information and create a password.
4. Accept the information you have entered. 

You are now ready to log in to the service using your previous user IDs for Etera’s web service or your online banking IDs. You will also receive an email confirmation message: You are ready to use the online service for temporary employers.

What makes a good password?

Your password should be between 8 and 15 characters. Scandinavian letters, such as å, ä and ö, will not be accepted. The password must be different from your user ID. The password should contain at least one
• number    
• capital letter
• lower case letter
• one of the following special characters: ! % ? - +.      

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