TyEL contributions and earnings notifications

Report your earnings to us once a month or once a year. The simplest way to submit the notifications is on our online services. How you submit your earnings affects how often you pay advance TyEL contributions. The final contribution is determined based on the wages and salaries you pay.


If you have chosen the monthly notification method, report your earnings to us once a month. If you have selected the annual notification method, do so once a year. With the monthly and annual notification methods you only need to report to us specific earnings: TyEL earnings. Usually the TyEL earnings are the same as the earnings subject to withholding tax.

You may change your notification method at any time. At the same time you are changing your payment method. Make the change well ahead of time as the new notification and payment method does not come into force until the start of the next calendar year. Submit the change by the end of November.


Change your notification and payment method


These two options and the related measures can be viewed below:


The monthly notification method makes your life slightly easier that the annual method. That is because you have to submit monthly notifications, which is easy to do in conjunction with the payment of wages and salaries. And because you make monthly notifications, you do not need to submit an annual notification at all. When you report earnings monthly, your employment information always remains up to date. You will not receive from us requests for clarification at a later date – nor will you receive TyEL invoices with interest added.

And, as the icing on the cake, with the monthly notification method you always pay exactly what you need to. This is because we always calculate your advance TyEL contribution once we receive your notification, once a month. This will ensure that the advance contribution will correspond as closely as possible to the final TyEL contribution.

You can also get close to your final TyEL contribution amount using the annual notification method as long as you keep your provisional payroll amount up to date. The new payroll amount is included in your TyEL invoice.

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Submit a monthly notification



If you have selected the annual notification method, your earnings are based on your estimate of the provisional payroll amount. You can also get close to your final TyEL contribution amount using the annual notification method as long as you keep your provisional payroll amount up to date.

When it is easy for you to estimate the amount of earnings you will pay during the year, select the annual notification method, i.e. make payments based on the provisional payroll amount.

You can change the payroll amount during the course of the year as often as you need to. Once you change the payroll amount, the next advance TyEL contribution that is due will be based on the new payroll amount. If you reduce the payroll amount, your following advance contribution will be smaller than before, thanks to the contributions you have already paid. If, in turn, you increase your payroll amount, the following advance TyEL contribution will be larger than before.

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Submit an annual notification

Change the payroll amount


Amount of TyEL contribution

The advance TyEL contribution is the size of the basic TyEL contribution,usually slightly lower than the basic contribution, as the client bonus for the year in question is deducted from the advance contribution.

Your final TyEL contribution will be determined once the calendar year ends, after both you and we know how much you actually paid in wages and salaries. When the year is over we will look over the earnings information that you have sent us and, based on it, calculate your TyEL insurance contribution. We will compare the result with the advance contributions you have paid and determine your exact final TyEL contribution, down to the very last decimal.

You can find the final TyEL contribution in the annual calculation that you will receive at the beginning of the year. Then you will know whether you have paid the right amount or too much or too little. If you have paid too much, the amount will reduce your future advance contributions. If, on the other hand, you have paid too little you will receive an adjustment invoice. Once you pay the adjustment invoice you will have paid your final TyEL contribution. The invoice will arrive in spring and must be paid in one instalment.

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Easy notification on our online services

The easiest way to submit monthly or annual notifications is on our free-of-charge online services.


Submit an annual notification

Submit a monthly notification


Submit a notification by sending the information as a file from your payroll management system. If creating a file is new to you, take a look at the technical instructions for monthly notifications or the technical instructions for annual notifications. You can also choose not to create a file and enter the data directly into the online services. 

The most convenient way is to let your accounting office submit the notification on your behalf . The accounting office will need to sign an Online Service Agreement with us. All you need to do is sign it. It’s as simple as that. 

In addition to our online services, you have two other electronic channels available to you: the TYVI services and Palkka.fi. TYVI is an electronic system that enables information to flow from companies to authorities. TYVI services are offered by Aditro, CGI and OpusCapita. Palkka.fi is a service targeted at small employers and households and is offered by the Tax Administration and earnings-related pension companies. The TYVI services require a fee while Palkka.fi is free of charge.