TyEL earnings notifications on wages and salaries paid in 2018

Submit the last monthly notification for 2018 or the annual notification for the full year to Ilmarinen. Follow the same procedure as before. Report all earnings paid after 1 January 2019 to the Incomes Register.

Report earnings and pay advance contributions according to your notification method

In the earnings notification, report to us earnings that are TyEL earnings. Usually the TyEL earnings are the same as the earnings subject to withholding tax. Please note that earnings paid in 2018 shall be reported to Ilmarinen.

If you are a montly notifier, submit the last monthly notification in Janyary

Follow these steps:

  1. Submit the monthly notification to Ilmarinen electronically, one for each of your employees. Report the employee’s earnings for December. Submit the report immediately in connection with the payment of wages or salaries. If you did not pay any wages or salaries in December 2018, there is no need for you to submit a notification.
  2. After you have submitted your notification, we will send you an invoice for the TyEL advance contribution. It will fall due on 20 January 2019.
  3. The final TyEL contribution will be determined in the annual calculation which will be completed in spring 2019. If you have paid too much in TyEL contributions, you will receive a refund from us. If you have paid too little, you will receive a balancing invoice payable in one instalment.

If you are an annual notifier, submit your last annual notification by 31 January 2019

Submit your last annual notification for wages and salaries paid in 2018 to Ilmarinen by 31 January 2019.

The final TyEL contribution will be determined in the annual calculation. The annual calculation, which will be completed later in spring 2019, will establish your final TyEL contribution for 2018. If you have paid too much in advance contributions, you will receive a refund from us. If you have not paid enough, you will receive a balancing invoice. The invoice will arrive in spring and must be paid in one instalment.

Amount of TyEL contribution

Your final TyEL contribution for 2018 will be established in 2019, once we know the final payroll of your company. We will calculate your final TyEL insurance contribution based on the earnings report you have submitted.

Read more about determining the TyEL contribution ›

Submit notifications conveniently on our online service

Submit your last monthly or annual notification on our online service.

Submit an annual notification

Submit a monthly notification

Submit a notification by sending the information as a file from your payroll management system. If creating a file is new to you, take a look at the technical instructions for monthly notifiers or for annual notifiers. You can also enter the data directly into the online service. You can authorise your accounting firm to submit the notifications on your behalf. The accounting firm will need to sign an Online Service Agreement with us.

Let your accounting office submit the notification on your behalf 

In addition to our online service, you have three other electronic channels available to you: the TYVI services, Palkka.fi and SuoraTyo.fi. TYVI is an electronic system that enables information to flow from companies to authorities. TYVI services are offered by Aditro, CGI and OpusCapita. Palkka.fi is a service targeted at small employers and households and is offered by the Tax Administration and earnings-related pension companies. A fee will be charged on TYVI services. Palkka.fi is free of charge.