How are pension contributions invoiced and paid?

You will receive an invoice for the earnings-related pension contributions on wages and salaries that you pay and report in a calendar month. Users of, PikaPalkka® and will not receive a separate invoice, instead their payment information can be found in the service they use.

You will receive an invoice on the pension contributions after each month in which wages or salaries were paid. The invoice is based on the payroll data you have reported to the Incomes Register. The invoice for the pension contributions generally falls due on the last day of the month following the month in which the wages or salaries were paid.

As a contract employer you can choose to move the due date forward by one month on Ilmarinen’s online service. In that case, interest will be charged on the contribution. Moving the due date forward applies to the invoices you will receive during the following month and all consequent invoices.

Wages and salaries reported through the, and PikaPalkka services are an exception to this. When you make a payroll notification on one of these services, we will not send a separate invoice. The TyEL contribution and the information you need for paying it will be created in the service you use. Pay the invoice according to the service’s instructions.