Information security

Ilmarinen has a special responsibility to manage statutory earnings-related pension cover and related pension assets and for the information security of the data processed in its operations. The information security policy is an insight into the goals, principles and implementation of information security, approved by Ilmarinen's management. Ilmarinen's management is committed to implementing information security.

At Ilmarinen, information security includes both information security and data protection. Information security means that the data required for the operations is accurate and up to date and that the data is only available to authorised users during pre-determined service hours. Data protection means protecting the privacy of Ilmarinen's customers, employees and stakeholders in processing personal data.

Based on the information security policy, Ilmarinen maintains information security guidelines and rules that have been aligned with other internal guidelines in place at Ilmarinen. Everyone working at Ilmarinen has the obligation to participate in information security training and understand information security practices and abide by the given instructions in his or her own tasks.

Ilmarinen's information security organisation takes care of coordinating and steering information security. Ilmarinen's management receives regular reports on information security.