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Taking out TyEL insurance with the highly solvent Ilmarinen pays off – as our customer, you benefit from a wide offering of free coaching and training and the best discounts in the sector. Welcome to Ilmarinen!

TyEL insurance secures your employees’ pensions

When you hire an employee, you need to take out statutory, i.e. mandatory TyEL insurance for him or her. As an employer, you must insure all your employees under an employment contract under TyEL. That ensures that they will accrue pension. As an employer, you benefit from our excellent services and the best client bonuses in the sector.

Employers are obligated to insure their employees’ work under TyEL if the employee’s earnings are at least EUR 61.37 per calendar month (at the 2021 level).

Contract employer or temporary employer?

As an employer, you can manage your employees’ pension cover either as a contract employer or a temporary employer. You are a temporary employer if you do not employ any permanent employees and the salary you pay does not exceed EUR 8,790 in six months (2021).


Earnings report to the Incomes Register

Report to the Incomes Register the paid wages and salaries, fringe benefits and other earnings in the earnings payment report. As a rule, you need to submit the report within 5 days of the wage payment date. You can use the same report to report different types of earnings paid to your employees, such as monetary wages, fringe benefits and kilometre allowances.

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TyEL calculator

Estimate the size of the TyEL contribution and how deferring the due date impacts the TyEL contribution due to the insurance contribution interest.

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Payroll calculator

Calculate an estimate of the indirect employer costs when considering hiring an employee or giving an employee a pay raise.

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