Ilmarinen as an employer


Ilmarinen is an employment pension company. The term illustrates what we offer: insurance and pensions linked to work. We also offer many other services aimed at ensuring the well-being at work of our customers. We offer our services without the usual pension jargon or unnecessary formality. Coherently, simply and positively. This guarantees the well-being of our customers. And our employees.


We at Ilmarinen perform meaningful work. We improve workplaces’ daily lives and ensure that the people insured with us receive the pension they earned from employment. That is why we are proud of our work. And of the fact that we practice as we preach. Work is flexible depending on the employee’s situation, supervisors have a human but not sloppy approach and the workplace spirit is friendly and supportive. These aspects are at a good level in our workplace atmosphere surveys, year after year. That is why employees enjoy working here and Ilmarinen employees remain with us for an average of 15 years.


We share a commitment to taking care of our more than one million customers and their insurance policies and pensions. Some of us work together with customers and some of us take care of insurance and pension matters. Another section of our employees is responsible for investing pension assets. Some carry out accounting and financial work while some work in ICT, others carry out various types of customer work and tasks that support our own organisation.

In line with our strategy we want to be the most attractive employment pension partner. We believe that the personnel’s experience of Ilmarinen as a work community is also reflected in how customers experience our services. We succeed in our goals when we build an energising work community. We all have a role to play in this: When we help each other achieve successes, when we harmonise in surprising combinations, become enthusiastic about new things and ensure that we maintain a positive energy throughout the day.

We want our work to have good energy and a strong forward momentum. This means having the ability to recognise opportunities and grab them with both hands. Being a leader requires innovative brainstorming and trying different and sometimes seemingly impossible things. We wish to be a workplace that serves as a model to the rest of the country.


Our business is based on trust. We foster the trust by taking care of our mission in a sustainable manner. Sustainability is one of our values and sustainability in all of our operations strengthens our attractiveness as an earnings-related pension partner and supports efficient business. Sustainability is an integral part of everyone's work at Ilmarinen. Read more about sustainability at Ilmarinen.


Working life is becoming more diverse, which is why we need many kinds of experts. We wish to offer career opportunities to top professionals and make sure that the right experts are in the right places – also regardless of gender or age.

We further the achievement of equality using concrete measures: we always consider equality issues when recruiting employees, enable the reconciliation of work and family life by offering flexible working hours and highlighting the fairness of pay also from a gender equality viewpoint. If we perceive any deficiencies in the realisation of equality, we intervene.

The insurance business is, all in all, dominated by women and they make up 65% of Ilmarinen’s personnel.


The goal of our remuneration and incentives is to encourage people to achieve excellent results and work according to our values, and to engage and motivate our personnel.

Take a look at Ilmarinen’s remuneration and incentive systems.

Join the Ilmarinen team!

You are welcome to join us whether you are just starting your career or have already earned your merits. When you have a need to reinvent yourself and your work, your success here is guaranteed, especially when you wish to keep doing so.

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Convenient location

We at Ilmarinen work in Ruoholahti, Helsinki. And at home, in cafes and other remote locations. Our offices are easy to reach by bus, metro or bike.

Our renewed premises enable modern ways of working, meeting and interacting. Mobile work also requires well-functioning tools. We strive to strengthen our competence with regards to knowledge work and use tools smoothly in our daily operations.