Ilmarinen's investment theses

The investment theses are principles guiding Ilmarinen’s investment operations. They impact the success of our investment operations and how Ilmarinen organises its investment activities.

The most important decision

Strategic allocation is the main determinant of return and risk.

Investment horizon

Predictable long-term pension-liabilities and cash flows enable long-term investing.


-Investment risk is taken in order to secure sufficient returns and solvency in long run.

-The sources of return change over time and we exploit these changes activly.

Market efficiency

We take advantage of occasional market inefficiencies in order to generate added value.

Risk management

-Investment risks are diversified to optimize return distributions.

-Not all investment risks and adverse events are predictable.

-Responsible investing is a way of reducing risk.

Recourses and cost-effectiveness

-Returns are always assessed after total costs.

-We outsource only functions where we ourselves cannot add value cost in a cost-effective manner.