People-oriented partner

A proactive pension company? That is straightforward and positive? And speaks the customer’s language? Yes, they do exist.

When you take out pension insurance, you choose a partner. It’s a good thing there are many to choose from. Go with the one that is easy to do business with. That answers your question before you even have time to ask it. That is easy to communicate with on an equal standing. One that does not hide behind legal jargon, but speaks your language.

That is Ilmarinen.

Ilmarinen insures  more than 600 000 Finns and pays pensions close to a half a million people. In total, we are responsible for the pension cover of close to 1.2 million people.

We offer everything you could want from a pension company. Employee’s earnings-related pension insurance and self-employed person’s pension insurance, i.e. TyEL and YEL. Support for your well-being and that of your employees. Rehabilitation. Pension. No pension jargon or unnecessary formality. Coherently, simply and positively. To ensure the well-being of you and your employees.

Become Ilmarinen's customers

When you wish to discuss your insurance or pension, call us. When you wish to take out insurance with us, fill in a TyEL or YEL application or contact one of our partners. This is easy to do through our nation-wide service network.

Customers are also owners

Each and every person insured with Ilmarinen is also an owner in the company. We have a huge number of owners, more than half a million. You are welcome to join them.