Responsibly, every day

Sustainability is an integral part of our work. That is why it shows in everything we do. We use indicators to track our performance.

Ilmarinen's responsibility is exhibited in how we take care of a key component of Finnish social security: pension cover. The earnings-related pension directly impacts the well-being of Finns. We also promote good daily workplace practices. We invest pension assets so that the return on them also secures the pensions of future generations. In addition, we support business in Finland by being a major and active owner of Finnish companies.

Our whole business is based on trust. Trust, on the other hand, is based on responsible action.

Take a look at Ilmarinen's Sustainability Report

Managing sustainability

Sustainability at Ilmarinen is guided by our values, Code of Conduct, good insurance practice guidelines, ownership policy, responsible investment policy, and risk management policy. The sustainability principles have been approved by Ilmarinen's Executive Group. Our sustainability operations are co-ordinated by a working group comprising experts from various functions.

Goals and indicators

We have set goals for our sustainability and indicators to track our performance (Key Performance Indicators, KPI). With the KPIs, we ensure that we live up to our sustainability in our practical work.

Code of Conduct

Ilmarinen's Code of Conduct was drawn up in 2010 and updated in 2018.The Code of Conduct ensures that we do things right. According to Code of Conduct, Ilmarinen, among other things, follows good insurance practice, ensures privacy in processing personal data and requires responsible operating practices from its service providers.

Ilmarinen's entire personnel abides by the Code of Conduct. Compliance with the Code of Conduct and the more detailed operating principles is required of all employees. In 2017, Ilmarinen’s Code of Conduct training was included in the induction of all new employees.

Key sustainability aspects

We updated Ilmarinen's key sustainability aspects in 2015. On the basis of our strategy, the nature of our business, the expectations of our stakeholders and the sustainability megatrends, we recognized that the key sustainability aspects that are most material for Ilmarinen are:

 Sustainability at Ilmarinen