Attractive and responsible employer

Ilmarinen is a responsible employer. We want to be an energising as well as diverse and inclusive workplace and remunerate our employees in a fair and encouraging manner. We constantly develop the quality of working conditions and well-being at work and we measure our personnel's satisfaction with their work regularly.

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Energising workplace

Our goal is to offer the best customer experience in the earnings-related pension sector. We believe that how employees experience their workplace is directly reflected in the customer experience – satisfied employees are thus a key in achieving our goal. We want to be a role model in how work and the work community can support people's activeness and vitality. This target is supported by, among other things, our modernised premises, which became fully operational in 2016. Our remodelled office space is ergonomic and practical. We energise our personnel also by providing exercising possibilities and healthy food. Our work community activation coach encourages employees to take care of their well-being.

In addition, we invest in good leadership, continuous development of employees' competence and in engaging corporate culture. According to the employee survey, two areas are particularly strong at Ilmarinen: the employees are firmly committed to the organisation and find their work meaningful.

Promoting diversity and inclusion

We have a broad view of diversity; for us, it encompasses, in addition to gender equality, aspects such as taking into account employees with partial work capacity, from different cultural backgrounds or of different ages in leadership and personnel planning. We believe that the different competencies and capabilities, backgrounds and characteristics of employees are strengths that improve the company's innovativeness and earnings power.

The nationality or ethnic origin of the person plays no role in Ilmarinen’s recruitment. However, mastering the Finnish language is required in the majority of our positions. For positions that do not require language skills (some ICT and investment positions), we could, in many cases, recruit more people who speak English.

We have focused particularly on the equality between men and women. We promote equality, for instance, by enabling the reconciliation of work and family life with flexible working hours.

Fairness of remuneration and incentives

The objective of the remuneration and incentive systems is to encourage employees and management to commit to Ilmarinen and to motivate them to reach the company's strategic goals and live up to its values. Our goal is for remuneration to be based on how demanding a position is and on personal performance and competence. This contributes to the fairness of the remuneration – seen from the perspective of equality between men and women, among other things.

We report transparently on our remuneration and incentive practices. We publish annually the fees paid to the members of Ilmarinen's governing bodies and remuneration and incentives and supplementary pension benefits paid to the senior management.

Take a look at Ilmarinen's declaration of remuneration and incentives and report on remuneration.

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