Transparency and dialogue

Ilmarinen’s operations have major societal significance. That is why it is important that our communication is consistent, our reporting is transparent and our dialogue and interaction with our stakeholders is open and active.

Open stakeholder dialogue

Ilmarinen exists for its stakeholders. We also need them in order to develop continuously. This is why we engage in constant dialogue with our stakeholders.



Stakeholder’s key expectations


Interaction channels, frequency and measures




Best know-how in the sector. Manages issues openly, transparently and responsibly. Takes care of work capacity. Coherent and clear interaction and easy contacts.

Frequent meetings and co-operation with clients. Customer involvement in the development of services. High-quality work capacity services. Active development of customer services. Coherent customer material.



Responsible personnel management, smooth interaction, equality, positive workplace atmosphere and working conditions as well as competitive remuneration. 

Leadership that supports success and developing expertise. Clear goals, monitoring and rewarding. Comprehensive and evolving well-being at work activities. Close interaction.

Current and future pension recipients


Responsible and long-term management of statutory pension cover. Easy, coherent and fast pension service. Focussing efforts on the quality of working life.

High-quality customer service, providing understandable pension information, fast processing times, efforts to enhance work and securing pension assets. Continuous interaction through studies, surveys, events and customer service, among other things. 

Authorities and decision-makers

Good co-operation and flow of information and interaction which facilitate decision-making. Common goal: decisions and reforms that benefit the entire society.

Open dialogue with authorities and decision-makers. Regular meetings and communication through various working groups and events.

Labour market organisations


Good co-operation and good flow of information to support decision-making and negotiations. Shared goal: ensuring a good level of pension provision and retirement age as well as keeping the system’s costs at a reasonable level. 

Communication through Ilmarinen’s Board of Directors, Supervisory Board and Advisory Committees. Regular meetings and other close-knit communication through, for instance, various working groups and events. 

Industry organisations


Good, open co-operation. Ilmarinen’s expertise made available to the entire industry. Shared goal of ensuring the sustainability and effectiveness of the pension system. 

Comprehensive co-operation with, for instance, the Finnish Pension Alliance TELA, The Finnish Centre for Pensions and the Finance Finland (FFI). Channels include working groups, regular negotiation groups and various events. 



Openness of communications, reliability of information and quick service. Ilmarinen’s expertise made available for the media: introducing new perspectives, active statements and making difficult issues easier to understand. 

Open and active communication through various channels. Regular meetings and communication. Quick and open response to media requests.

Educational and research institutions


Ilmarinen’s expertise made available to educational institutions. Offering summer jobs and internships. Shared research projects and open flow of information. Developing the pension system and increasing its prominence. 

Co-operation with students, e.g. in thesis work. Taking part in various university and school events. Recruiting summer workers.

Civil society


Open and active dialogue. Responsibility and reliability of business. Offering Ilmarinen’s expertise for use through various communication channels. Minimising misconduct and adverse effects. 

Open and active communication and willingness to engage in dialogue with stakeholders. Interaction at, for example, various seminars and meetings, and in the social media. Interaction also through the traditional media.

Investments and investment partners 

Open communication, clear objectives, competitive investment terms, professional and long-term operations, fast response times to questions.

Clear communication concerning investment criteria and the operations’ principles and objectives, coherent investment strategy, fast decision-making. Interaction both regularly and as required. 

Consistent opinion-building

Due to Ilmarinen's considerable societal position, it is important for our messages to be uniform and our positions to be consistent. Ministries and other authorities send us statement requests concerning proposals for amendments to earnings-related pension sector regulations.

Our aim is to prepare our positions carefully and take also sustainability issues into consideration in our positions.

Comprehensive sustainability reporting

We want to be transparent and comprehensive in communicating how sustainability is implemented in our operations. We have reported on Ilmarinen's financial, social and environmental sustainability since 2007. Since 2015, we have drawn up our Sustainability Report in accordance with the criteria of the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) guidelines.

Our reporting covers also transparent communication about taxes. Ilmarinen's tax footprint consists of the payment of taxes by our operations, our insurance and investment operations and the companies that we invest in. We promote transparent and sustainable reporting practices, not only in our operations, but also in those of our investees.

Read in our Sustainability Report how transparency and dialogue were implemented in 2018.