Communications policy

Why do we need a communications policy?

  • Supports the strategy = boosts an open and active culture of communication
  • Helps to stand apart from the competition = strengthens the brand
  • Clarifies existing guidelines 

How does Ilmarinen communicate?

1. Active

  • We interact with various stakeholders in order to gain a broad understanding of the views of different bodies.
  • We scan for weak signals in order to take a more proactive approach to communication.
  • We release news as quickly as possible. We always present up-to-date information on our website.
  • We let our personnel know about what is going on as early as possible.

2. Open

  • Ilmarinen’s operations are predominantly public and we have an open communications policy. Confidential matters are those considered business secrets and information related to individual customers, persons, partnerships or agreements. 
  • We take a positive attitude towards people who ask us questions and we answer them openly and directly.
  • We report bad news without glossing it over.
  • We participate in discussions involving difficult subjects and are not provoked by critical voices. We accept that there may be many viewpoints to an issue. 
  • We encourage bold discussion within Ilmarinen.

3. Visionary

  • We highlight our expertise in earnings-related pension themes. We also act as a thought leader.
  • The reliability of our messages is based on facts, experience and observations.
  • We present our views constructively, with an emphasis on solutions and co-operation.

4. Coherent

  • We communicate coherently and in an interesting manner – in a way that is relevant to people’s everyday lives.
  • We focus on what is relevant, we put things in perspective and link them to broader concepts.
  • We offer interpretations of difficult subjects and their importance.