The objective of Ilmarinen’s Better Working Life services is to reduce and prevent the disability risk of our client companies’ personnel and enhance the quality of working life. The services support the measurement and improvement of work capacity in the long term.

1. Services for all customers

  • Our Better Working Life services, such as coaching, are available to all of our client companies.

2. Co-operation agreed on in writing

  • Separate co-operation projects are based on written contracts between Ilmarinen and the client companies.

3. Risk assessment before starting co-operation

  • Before starting co-operation we carry out, together with the client company, an assessment of its needs and disability risks and take a look at practical measures related to managing the company’s disability risk.
  • Based on the results of the assessment we define the main development needs of the client company and the contents of the co-operation.

4. Goal-oriented measures

  • Goals for reducing disability risk are specified for all customer co-operation.
  • The goal of our services is both the reduction and prevention of disability risk.
  • In order for the activities to be successful, the customer must commit to collaborative projects supporting disability risk management.
  • In developing our services, we take into account the needs of various customer segments so that all of our client companies, regardless of size, can benefit from them.

5. Measurable results

  • We assess, together with the client companies, the implementation and effectiveness of the projects based on the agreed goals and indicators. 
  • Indicators linked to disability risk are, for example, the contribution category for TyEL insurance, sick leave rates, the quality of supervisory work and the level of work satisfaction.

6. The contents of the better working life services are connected to:

  • Measures improving and supporting the maintenance of work capacity.
  • Developing leadership and supervisory activities.
  • Improving work, work processes and work communities’ teamwork.
  • Enhancing the motivation, expertise and overall well-being of client companies’ personnel.