How and when should I retire?

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Are you already retired?

When should I retire?

The longer you work, the larger your pension. You can work until the age of 68. And you can continue working after that as long as you come to an agreement with your employer. After the pension reform, the retirement age will be different for each age group.

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How much pension will I receive?

Every euro you earn increases your pension. Calculate your pension online. The amount of pension you will receive and the accrual of the pension depend on the type of pension.

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How is a pension formed?

Check your pension record

You can see the amount of pension you have accrued so far from your pension record. It is available to you at the pension company that your employer has currently insured you with. Check your pension record online.


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Take a look at different pension types

Old-age pension

You can retire on old-age pension once you have reached the lower retirement age – or at a later date. The longer you work, the larger your pension will be.

Partial old-age pension

On partial old-age pension you decide how much work you want to do. You can retire on partial old-age pension at the age of 61.

Disability pension or rehabilitation assistance

If your work capacity has weakened, read more about disability pension and the cash rehabilitation benefit.

Survivors' pension

The survivors’ pension for surviving spouses and children helps when a spouse or parent passes away.

Years-of-service pension

Read about years-of-service pension if you have behind you a strenuous and wearing career lasting at least 38 years and an illness affecting work capacity.

Working while on pension

Even as a pensioner, you can still continue to work. Check beforehand to see whether working affects the pension you have already earned.

Pension commitment – you too will receive your pension

Pension reform 2017 – what will change?


Back to work through rehabilitation

If your work capacity weakens and you find it difficult to continue working, rehabilitation is the answer. It helps employees and self-employed persons alike to return to work. Most people return to work motivated and full of enthusiasm.