Check your pension from the pension record

Every euro you earn increases your pension. Check your pension record to see by how much. You can find it online. And change it if you need to.

Working increases your pension because your employer takes care of your pension cover. As an entrepreneur you need to take care of it yourself. The more and longer your work, the larger your pension will grow

The amount of pension you have so far accrued can be seen in your pension record. It shows how much you have received in pay, when and in whose service. And how much pension you have accrued from your employment relationships. Or your entrepreneurial activities. When your employment relationship is entered correctly in your pension record you can be sure that your employer has secured your pension cover.  

The most convenient way to check your pension record is on our online services. You can visit them to see your pension record any time you want.  The service also includes a pension calculator that can be used to estimate your pension. From year 2019 onwards we update it in real time. 

Your most recent pension insurance company will provide you with a pension record

You will receive a pension record when you live in Finland and you are an employee or entrepreneur between the ages of 18 and 67. You will also receive one if you are a partial old-age pensioner. If, however, you receive another type of pension or you reside abroad, you will not receive a pension record. 

The pension insurance company that your current employer has insured you with under employees’ pension insurance, i.e. TyEL insurance, will send you your pension record. Or with which you have insured yourself as a self-employed person under self-employed person’s pension insurance, i.e. YEL insurance. If you are not working, you will receive your pension record from the pension insurance company with which you were most recently insured. 

If you are not sure where you are, or were, insured, call our customer service.

Also possible on paper

If you do not wish to view your pension record online you can receive a printed copy once every three years in the autumn. Which year you receive the pension record in depends on which month you are born in: 

Birth month

Year pension record   sent







 When you are aged 59 or over, you receive the pension record by post every year.

Check the information in your pension record

When you look through your pension record check that it includes all of the employment relationships that accrue your pensionIf you need to correct your pension record, contact first your employer. The employer will announce the changes to the income register from which they will be updated on the pension record. If repairs apply for 2018 or earlier, please make an online service request, we will approach that employer on your behalf.

In order to approach the employer we need from you written documentation that proves you have worked for the employer and that your pension cover needs to be amended. Written documentation can be an employment contract, employment certificate, pay slip or some other account. The more reliable the material you can provide us with, the more likely it is that we can fix your pension cover retroactively and dating back a long time.