Pension for employment abroad

Earnings-related pension accrues on all the work that you perform, usually also for work performed abroad. Pension accrues according to the practices in place in the country where you are insured for pension benefits while working abroad.

You can apply for pension accrued from work performed abroad in the normal way in Finland if you have worked in an EU or EEA country, Switzerland or an agreement country with which Finland has a mutual social security agreement.

Finland has a social security agreement with the Nordic countries, United States, Canada, Chile, India, Israel and Australia and, as of 1 February 2017, China and South Korea.

Pensions from non-agreement countries

If you worked in a country that does not belong to the EU or EEA and with which Finland does not have a social security agreement, you will not automatically receive a pension from these countries in Finland. This is worth looking into on a case-by-case basis, however. For more information, please contact the Finnish Centre for Pensions.

Pension earned in Finland can be paid to a pension recipient living abroad. 

Applying for pension from EU or EEA countries and social security agreement countries

If you live in Finland when applying for pension, fill in a normal Finnish pension application. In your pension application, you must report all of the countries in which you have formerly resided or worked. 

Attach a U form to your application to provide information about your work abroad. Include on the U form (Living and working abroad) how long you have lived and worked in each country. Also include any documents concerning your work abroad, such as work certificates. The Finnish Centre for Pensions will forward your application to the authorities in your countries of work. 

Send the application with its attachments to the Finnish Centre for Pensions or to us. We will apply for pension from abroad on your behalf.

Applying for pension from non-agreement countries

For non-agreement countries, the pension applicant must apply for pension on their own.

Living abroad

If you live in an EU or EEA country or an agreement country when applying for pension, include in your application that you have worked or lived in Finland. The insurance institution in your country of residence can thus send the application to Finland and your pension application will also become valid in Finland.​

If you live in a non-agreement country, apply for pension for work carried out in Finland from Finland. Regarding the rest of your pension, proceed according to the practices in your country of residence.