­­Pension reform 2017

The pension reform will change pensions and age limits. Read about the central features of the reform and calculate an estimate of your future pension and retirement age using our calculator!


The reforms will take effect as of 2017. The reform does not impact people already in retirement.

See below for the central changes brought about by the pension reform. Visit elakeuudistus.fi (in Finnish and Swedish) for more comprehensive information.

Retirement age will rise to 65

The central change will be the gradual raising of the minimum retirement age to 65 years. As of 2018, the old-age retirement age limit will rise by 3 months for each birth-year cohort until the minimum old-age retirement age is 65 years. The maximum retirement age will also rise; it is about five years more than the earliest eligible retirement age.

As of 2030, the retirement age will continue to change. It will be tied to the development of life expectancy and will be confirmed separately for each age group.

What is your retirement age and how much will you receive? Estimate the impact of the pension reform on your pension using our calculator! Calculator exists only in Finnish.

Pension accrual is always 1.5 per cent

In future, pension will always accrue at a rate of 1.5 per cent annually for everyone over the age of 17. A transition period will be in place for the changes in accrual rates until 2025, during which time persons aged 53–62 will accrue pension at a rate of 1.7% each year.

Partial pension

The current part-time pension will be abolished and will be replaced by a partial early old-age pension. It can begin already at the age of 61. The amount is either 25 or 50 per cent of the accrued pension. The partial early old-age pension is not tied to reduced working hours.

Years-of-service pension for persons performing heavy labour

It is possible to retire before the official retirement age of 63 if you have performed strenuous and wearing work for at least 38 years. 

The increase for deferred retirement will replace accelerated accrual

Accelerated accrual for 63-67 year-olds will become obsolete and, instead, an increase for deferred retirement will be paid. If retirement is postponed past the lower age limit for retirement, an 0.4 per cent increase for deferred retirement will be paid each month.