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How and when should I retire?


This page contains all of the information you need on your pension and working during retirement. 

Pension payment dates 2020

The pension will be paid into your account on the first banking day of every month. 

Check your tax percentage

The amount of your pension is adjusted annually with the earnings-related pension index. The adjustment is carried out at the beginning of each January. At the beginning of each February the amount of pension paid to you may change for another reason. That is when tax percentages change. You do not need to report the new tax percentage to us; the tax authorities will do so on your behalf.

If you wish to decrease your tax percentage, apply for a new pension income tax card. And if you wish to increase your percentage, contact us directly.

Has your bank account number or address changed?

If your account number changes, let us know. This guarantees that you receive your pension when it is due. If your address changes you do not necessarily have to do anything as your new pension information will reach us through the Finnish Population Register Centre within a month's time. If you wish for us to receive your new address earlier, please send it to us.

The easiest way to do this is online. You may also send us a letter with your personal identity code and signature included. Or use your bank's form to notify us of the account number.

Apply for a pension certificate

Sometimes you will need a certificate concerning the pension you receive. You can print one from our online services. The certificate is an official document that can be sent to the tax authorities, social welfare office, Kela or distraint office or other domestic or foreign authorities. The certificate can also be attached to housing applications.