Apply for rehabilitation

The objective of vocational rehabilitation is to enable you to continue in working life for as long as possible and feel good. You can apply for vocational rehabilitation if an illness or an injury impedes your ability to perform your work or you are in danger of becoming incapable of working.

You can apply for vocational rehabilitation if:

• Your illness or injury is likely to lead you to retire on a disability pension in the next few years.

• Continuing at work and returning to work are possible with the help of rehabilitation.

• You work, your employment relationship has ended recently or you are self-employed.

• You have received a certain minimum sum over the past five calendar years. Or your YEL income has equalled a specific minimum sum over five calendar years. In 2017, the earned income and YEL income must be EUR 34,910.29 for five years. The amount is increased annually using an index, so it changes each year.

• You have studied for a profession and you have worked at least 2–3 years in that profession after completing your studies or learned your profession by working for at least five years.

You can apply for rehabilitation even if you are on a fixed-term disability pension, i.e. if you receive a cash rehabilitation benefit. Rehabilitation increases your chances of returning to working life.

Before filling in a rehabilitation application, discuss vocational rehabilitation with your occupational health care service or another health care professional. If you are an employee, also discuss it with your employer. 



Fill in a rehabilitation application and send the attachments

Apply for rehabilitation by filling in an electronic vocational rehabilitation form. Send the attachments electronically or by post. You can keep track of the processing of your electronic application by logging in to our online service.

You need the following documents to attach to your rehabilitation application:

• Statement concerning your state of health, i.e. a doctor’s B statement

• If you are an employee: your employer’s account of your work.To speed up the handling of your application, send all of the application’s attachments together with the application.You can also create a rehabilitation plan for the application, if you already know what kind of rehabilitation you want to apply for.

Fill in electronic form

If you are unable to send the application electronically, send the printed rehabilitation application and attachments by post to the address:


FI-00018 Ilmarinen


Preliminary decision and rehabilitation plan

The preliminary rehabilitation decision usually arrives within a few weeks after you have sent us the application and attachments. When we process rehabilitation applications, we take each and every applicant’s personal situation into account. The preliminary rehabilitation decision is based on our experts’ assessment of the necessity, applicability and usefulness of rehabilitation for you.

If necessary, we will ask you for additional information when we process your application. The preliminary decision will let you know what kind of rehabilitation benefit you can receive. The rehabilitation benefit is the monetary compensation you will receive during rehabilitation.

In order to receive rehabilitation benefit, you need to create a rehabilitation plan while your preliminary decision is valid. The most convenient way to fill in a rehabilitation plan is by signing in to Ilmarinen’s online service using your online banking credentials. If you require assistance in drawing up a rehabilitation plan, contact your rehabilitation specialist or mention it in your rehabilitation plan.

Preliminary decisions for rehabilitation are in force for approximately ten months after being made. Please remember to check the validity of the decision from the preliminary decision we have sent you.

If the preliminary decision you have received is negative, you will receive instructions for appeal together with the decision. If you are not entitled to vocational rehabilitation, you may be entitled to other rehabilitation. Instructions for applying for medical rehabilitation or other rehabilitation can be found on Kela’s and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health’s websites.