Rehabilitation pays off for the employer

Employer, take care of your employees. If their work capacity weakens, consider with them, the various options available that will enable them to continue at work. Vocational rehabilitation helps you retain your experts.

As an employer you want to retain your competent employees. And to ensure that they can continue in their work for a long time. When your employee’s work capacity weakens, you can work together to improve the situation. Consider, for example, whether he or she could change his or her work tasks or work in a different way. Involve the occupational health care service and consider ways for your employee to lighten his or her workload, for example.

There are still options left when your employee is on a long sick leave or is on temporary disability pension. Or has lost his or her work capacity. He or she can still return to work. Your employee can, for example, take a new approach to his or her old work. Your employee can also build his or her competence by studying, if a change of tasks is necessary due to health reasons.

Encourage your employees to apply for vocational rehabilitation! Your employee will get financial support from us for the duration of the rehabilitation period. And you get to keep a good employee.

Save time and money

You will incur no extra costs for the rehabilitation of your employee. To the contrary.

When your employee’s tasks are consistent with his or her work capacity, you will save time and money because he or she will rarely need to take sick leave. There is no need for you to recruit anyone to replace him or her. And the work gets done in your employee’s capable hands.

As a vocational rehabilitee, your employee usually receives his or her income from us: either rehabilitation allowance or cash rehabilitation benefit with rehabilitation increment. When your employee receives his or her income from us we also take care of an employer’s duties such as deducting taxes and taking out accident insurance.

You can also agree with your employee to pay him or her salary during rehabilitation. In that case you, the employer, will receive the employee’s rehabilitation benefits. Except when it is larger than his or her salary. In that case your employee will receive the difference. If you pay salary to the rehabilitee, you are also responsible for the other duties of an employer.

Most rehabilitees return to work

Your employee has a good chance of returning to work following vocational rehabilitation. Most of our rehabilitees do so. Up to around 74 per cent return back to working life.

Call us when you wish to discuss the possibilities offered by vocational rehabilitation. Our customer service can be contacted at 010 284 2011.