Study your way back to work

Well done! You have decided to study your way into a new profession. When you study according to your plan and report your progress to us you will receive rehabilitation allowance each month. And take on a new career.

Your checklist – what do we need

  • Study certificate at the start of your studies and in the beginning of every fall term (the academy fills in the form)

  • Tax card. Remember to send us a new tax card also in every turn of the year, if you get rehabilitation allowance for your studies.

  • Copy of the certificate of graduation when your studies are completed


When you have received our approval for your rehabilitation plan, there are a few things you should take care of right away. This will ensure that you will receive financial support from us from the very beginning. And that you pay exactly the right amount of tax on the benefits you receive.

Follow these steps:

  1. Apply for a new tax card and send it to us.
  2. If you are taking part in blended studies call your rehabilitation expert for more information on finding a practical training position.
  3. If you study full-time, begin your studies.

Once your studies have begun, send us the study certificate from our website and other possible certificates. With the help of the study certificate we will ensure that your studies are proceeding according to plan. After all, the financial support you receive is tied to your studies.

If your studies do not proceed as planned, please let us know. This will ensure that you and we are on the same page and that you will receive exactly what you need from us. And that you do not have to pay back to us any rehabilitation benefits or compensation for expenses.

Send certificates at least once a year

When you are studying for a degree, remember to send us the study certificate. Speed is an asset as you will receive the rehabilitation allowance within 3 weeks of us having received the certificates and of the start of your studies. When your studies are completed send us the certificate of your graduation.

Study certificate

When you have begun your studies at, for example, a vocational school, ask a representative of the school to fill in the electronic study certificate and to send it to us. If your studies last at least one year, send us the certificate also in the beginning of every fall semester. Send the certificate once the semester has begun, such as in the first week of studies. With the help of the study certificate we will also ensure that your studies are proceeding according to plan. In addition, if needed we can ask a transcript of records as certificate of  your studies.

Final diploma

When you complete your studies, send us a copy of your final diploma. Usually you receive the diploma a little while after your completion.

Via mail or electronically

Send us your certificates either electronically or via mail. Send the paper mail to us to the address: Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company, 00018 Ilmarinen and an email to

Report changes

If a change takes place in your studies, let us know. Then we will know why you are not able to continue your studies according to your plan, for example. Your studies may be delayed. You may also have to take sick leave. Also let us know if your studies include paid practical training. If you receive pay during your studies, let us know beforehand. In some cases we may suspend the payment of your rehabilitation benefits. This will take place if you have to suspend your studies due to an illness, for example.

Report the changes to your rehabilitation expert by phone or email. If we need further details concerning the change you have reported, we will contact you.

income during the summer

You do not need to send a separate document of the studies or the work you will complete during the summer. We will pay the rehabilitation allowance or rehabilitation increment to all our rehabilitee students continuously throughout the summer months.

If your studies last longer than one year you are eligible to take a one-month summer holiday. The holiday time that surpasses the one month should be used to advance your studies.

During the summer you can either:

  • Study
  • Carry out practical training
  • Work
  • Take part in an unpaid work trial related to the field you are studying

If you take part in a work trial, first apply for a work trial position. Send us the name and email address of your employer so that we can send them a link to an electronic contract form by email. Fill in the contract together. We will cover the workers' compensation insurance for the work trial period.

As your ordinary studies continue at the fall you need to send us the study certificate. On the basis of that certificate we continue paying the rehabilitation allowance or rehabilitation increment, the study allowance as well as follow the progression of the studies.