Payday once a month

You will receive a rehabilitation benefit once a month. And compensation for expenses within 2 weeks after you have sent us the relevant invoice. You need a new tax card for the benefits.

Your income during rehabilitation consists of rehabilitation benefits and compensation for expenses.

The rehabilitation benefit is paid automatically into your account once a month. The first payment will arrive within one week of the start of your rehabilitation and of our having received the required information from you. After that the money will be paid into your bank account on the first banking day of each month.

The exception to this rule is benefits that you receive retroactively, such as, for example, when you start your studies or a work trial and are not able to send your study certificate or work trial agreements in time. In that case you will receive the money around one week from when the certificate, or similar, was sent.

You will receive compensation for expenses when you send us the relevant invoice. Unless you are applying for study allowance, i.e. standard allowance. You do not need to supply an invoice, just send us the study certificate.

Compensation for expenses is always exempt from tax. Rehabilitation benefits, on the other hand, are income subject to tax. They are subject to tax in a different way than your salary or pension. Therefore you must apply for a new tax card once you have received a rehabilitation decision from us. Send the tax card to us to ensure that you end up paying precisely the right amount of tax.

Payment dates in 2020

In 2020 the rehabilitation benefit will be paid into your account on the following days:

Apply for a new tax card

When applying for a new tax card, proceed as follows:

  1. Visit the tax authority’s website or call the tax authority.
  2. Tell the tax authority for which benefit you require a tax card. If you receive rehabilitation allowance or assistance, ask for a tax card for a social benefit. If you receive rehabilitation increment, ask for a tax card for a pension.
  3. Send your tax card to us, either a printed copy or by email, or ask the tax authority to forward it. Send the printed tax card to us to the address: Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company, 00018 Ilmarinen and the electronic one to

Also, remember to send us a new tax card in every turn of the year if you get rehabilitation allowance as a benefit from us.

The amount of your pension is adjusted annually with the earnings-related pension index. The adjustment is carried out at the beginning of each January. 

Rehabilitation allowance and assistance are subject to tax in a different way than pension is. If you have not submitted your tax card to us we will be forced to withhold tax on your pension according to the attached table.

There is no harm done, however, as the excess tax you have paid will be returned to you within a week from the date on which we receive your tax card.

When your rehabilitation has begun and you have received the first payment from us, you can check your tax percentage on our website, and increase it if necessary.

Check your tax percentage