Disability pension or rehabilitation assistance

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What are disability pension and cash rehabilitation benefit?

You can receive disability pension when you have not reached your retirement age yet. And when your work capacity has weakened due to an illness or injury for at least a year.

You can receive either fixed-term or continuous disability pension. The fixed-term disability pension is the same as the cash rehabilitation benefit. You can receive cash rehabilitation benefit or partial cash rehabilitation benefit when your ability to work is assessed to be weakened for a fixed period. There are two types of continuous disability pension: partial disability pension and full disability pension.

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Are you applying for a disability pension or a cash rehabilitation benefit?

First apply for daily sickness allowance from Kela

When you become ill and are unable to carry out your work, first apply for daily sickness allowance from Kela. It is paid to you for a maximum of one year (300 days).

When daily sickness allowance has been paid to you for 150 days, Kela will usually approach you and suggest that you look into rehabilitation options or apply for disability pension. In that case, submit a disability pension application so that we can process it before your daily allowance ends.

Apply for the pension

Apply for disability pension approximately at 3 months before you wish your retirement to begin. This will ensure that you will receive a pension decision from us before your daily allowance ends. You will receive daily allowance from Kela for one year.

Apply for pension online. Attach a medical certificate B dating no more than six months. If you wish to expedite the processing of your application, attach to it the latest account by your employer of your tasks and ability to cope at work. Otherwise we will ask your employer to send it to us after your application has arrived.

First a pension decision, then the pension. Who is the employee pension card for?

You will usually receive a disability pension decision within 2 months of when you have applied for the pension. And from the moment that we have received from your employer all of the information we require for making a pension decision. If the disability pension is granted the pension will be paid into your account within about a week of you having received the decision. And after a while you will receive an employee pension card by post if you receive the full disability pension. If you receive cash rehabilitation benefit or partial disability pension, you will not receive the card. The card entitles you to various discounts for pensioners, such as cheaper train fares.

Apply for a new tax card

Pensions are subject to tax in a different way than earned income is. Apply for a new tax card for your pension from the tax authorities (www.vero.fi). Apply for a new tax card immediately once you have received the pension decision from us. The tax authorities will send the tax card directly to us.