From pension application to pension decision

We strive to issue the old-age pension decision during the month in which the pension begins. The pension will be paid into your account within about a week of you having received the decision.

Each year, approximately 30,000 Finns receive a pension decision from us. Pension decision recipients consider the service they have received to be competent and service-minded. 

We do our best to ensure that you too will receive a quick decision. You can help us achieve this by sending us a carefully filled in pension application and any required attachments. We often need information from your employer and sometimes from your treating physician. When we have received all of the information we require for making a pension decision we will read it carefully. And then make the decision. 

The time it will take for the pension decision to arrive depends on the earnings-related pension, as shown here: 

Earnings-related pension you have applied for

We require these to make a pension decision

You will receive the pension decision

Old-age pension and partial old-age pension

Old-age pension or partial old-age pension application

Earnings information supplied by your employer

During the month in which the pension begins

Survivors’ pension

Survivors’ pension application

Within 2 months

Disability pension and cash rehabilitation benefit

Disability pension application

B statement from doctor

Within 2 months

If part of your pension cover was accrued abroad, it will most often take a little longer than usual to make the pension decision. 


You will receive your pension once a month

Your first pension will be paid into your account quickly, within around one week of having received the pension decision. Unless your pension is not meant to begin immediately. In that case you will receive your pension on the first banking day of the month following the pension decision. 

Thereafter your pension will be paid into your account once a calendar month. The pension will be paid into your account as soon as possible; always on the first banking day of each month, before noon. The law dictates that we cannot pay the pension in the preceding month. 

The pension will arrive in the account that you have submitted in your pension application. We will pay the pension directly to you, the pension recipient. The survivors’ pension of a minor will be paid into the account submitted by the guardian.