Old-age pension

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What is old-age pension?

You can retire on old-age pension once you have reached the lower retirement age – or at a later date. The longer you work, the larger your pension will be. You can continue working after you reached the upper old-age retirement age as long as you come to an agreement with your employer. You may also continue to work after you retire on old-age pension. It is worthwhile because the pay you receive will not decrease your previous pension. And, at the same time, you will be accruing new pension.

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Are you planning to retire on old-age pension?

Apply for pension online

Apply for old-age pension 1 month before you wish your retirement to begin. Unless you already receive disability or unemployment pension. These automatically transform into old-age pension at the latest when you turn 65. The simplest way to go is to apply for pension online. If it seems that you your old-age pension will remain small it can be supplemented with the national pension. You still only need to fill out one application and send it to us. Let us know that you are also applying for the national pension so that we can forward your application to Kela on your behalf. 

First a pension decision, then the pension and employee pension card

We strive to issue the pension decision during the month in which the pension begins. This necessitates that we have received from your employer all of the information we require for making a pension decision, such as that concerning your final earnings from employment and the end of your employment. The pension will be paid into your account within about a week of you having received the decision. And after a while you will receive the employee pension card by post. The card entitles you to various discounts for pensioners, such as cheaper train fares.

Apply for a new tax card

Pensions are subject to tax in a different way than earned income is. Apply for a new tax card for your pension from the tax authorities (www.vero.fi). Apply for a new tax card immediately once you have received the pension decision from us. The tax authorities will send the tax card directly to us.

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