Partial old-age pension

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What is partial old-age pension?

Partial old-age pension will take over from part-time pension. The new type of pension will be more flexible because you can only apply for the old, i.e. part-time pension, if you start working part-time.

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Are you planning to retire on partial old-age pension?

Apply for pension

Find out the size of your partial old-age pension. Also find out how it impacts your old-age pension. Ilmarinen’s pension calculator can help you with both of these. Decide whether you will begin to withdraw half or a quarter of your partial old-age pension. If you want to reduce your working hours, discuss it with your employer. It is the only decision required from your employer. As a self-employed person you must, naturally, make your own decisions.

Apply for pension about one month before you intend to retire. Remember to apply for it well in advance as it is not paid retroactively. Applying for pension is easy: just fill in an application.

First pension decision

You will receive the pension decision, at the latest, during the month in which you will begin to receive the pension. The decision will show the amount of pension and how it is formed.

Apply for a new tax card

Pension income is subject to tax in a different way than earned income is. So apply for a new tax card for your pension from the tax authorities immediately once you have received the pension decision from us. That is all that is required from you as the tax authorities will send your tax card directly to us.