Pensioner’s tax card

Once you have received a pension decision from us, apply for a new tax card from the tax authorities. You need a pension income tax card. Do so immediately to ensure that we only debit as much tax as is necessary from your pension.

Pensions are subject to tax just as other income is. That is why you need a tax card also as a pensioner. A pension income tax card. You only need it for one thing: pension taxation.


Get a pension income tax card to avoid paying excess tax

Apply to the pension authorities for a new pension income tax card immediately once you have received the pension decision from us. That is all you need to do as the tax authorities will send your tax card directly to us. We can then withhold the appropriate amount of tax from your pension.

If we do not receive a tax card from you we will be forced to withhold 40 per cent tax on your pension. And it will remain at this level until we receive your tax card.

If we have had to withhold too much tax from your pension, not to worry. You will be refunded the excess tax within a week of the new tax card arriving at Ilmarinen. Unless we receive the tax card after a new calendar year has begun. We are, unfortunately, only able to refund taxes in the year that we withheld them. Even then, no need to worry: you will receive the excess taxes from the tax authorities through your tax return.


Only apply for a pension income tax card once

When you retire only apply for a pension income tax card once. For the following years we will receive your withholding tax rate directly from the tax authorities.

The amount of your pension is adjusted annually with the earnings-related pension index. If your pension amount changes later for some other reason, check with the tax authorities whether you require a new tax card.

If you wish us to withhold more tax than stated on the tax card, increase the percentage on our online services.

And if you continue to work as a pensioner, apply for a second tax card for your earned income.


We will report your pension income to the tax authorities

You do not need to include the amount of pension you receive in your tax return form; we will report it to the tax authorities on your behalf, early in the year. At the same time, we will also send you the information.