Survivors' pension

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What is survivors' pension?

The survivors' pension helps when a spouse or parent passes away. It can be granted to the surviving spouse and children of an employee. If you are widowed, apply for survivors' pension. You will receive the surviving spouse's pension and your children under 18 years of age will receive the child's pension. The survivors' pension is based on the earnings-related pension of your spouse. You are eligible for survivors' pension from the beginning of the month following the death of your spouse, but you must apply for it.

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Are you applying for survivors' pension?

Apply for pension

Despite your sorrow, we advise that you apply for survivors' pension as soon as possible because it can only be granted retroactively for a maximum of 6 months. Fill in one application for each beneficiary.

If it seems that your survivors' pension will remain small it can be supplemented with the national pension. You still only need to fill out one application and send it to us. Let us know that you are also applying for the national pension so that we can forward your application to Kela on your behalf.

First a pension decision, then the pension

You will receive a pension decision within about two months of when you have applied for pension. And from the moment that we have received all of the information we require for making a pension decision. If we need additional information, we will contact you. The pension will be paid into your account within about a week of you having received the decision.

Apply for a new tax card

Pensions are subject to tax in a different way than earned income is. Apply for a new tax card for your pension from the tax authorities ( Apply for a new tax card immediately once you have received the pension decision from us. The tax authorities will send the tax card directly to us.

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