Years-of-service pension

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What is years-of-service pension?

The 2017 pension reform brings with it a new pension type, the years-of-service pension. It is a pension for hard workers. You can receive it already at the age of 63 if you have behind you a strenuous and wearing career lasting at least 38 years. In addition, you need to have an illness affecting your work capacity.

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Are you applying for years-of-service pension?

Apply for vocational rehabilitation

First seek help from vocational rehabilitation. It offers you five alternatives for returning to working life. We provide financial support for each of them. Think about which one would suit you best and apply for it.

Find out whether it is possible for you to retire on disability pension

If it is, apply for it because it will be larger than the years-of-service pension.

Order a preliminary calculation

If you wish to know how large your years-of-service pension will be, ask us for a preliminary calculation.

Apply for pension

If, even after the preliminary calculation, you are still not entirely sure whether you want to retire on the years-of-service pension, you can still apply for it. When applying for years-of-service pension you will first receive a preliminary decision, which will let you know whether it is possible for you to retire on years-of-service pension or not. The preliminary decision is in force for six months. If you wish to retire on years-of-service pension, let us know during that period. Or appeal the decision if it is negative.

Working while on a pension

If you keep working, agree with your employer on your work input and pay. Your salary or wages must be less than EUR 834,52 per month (2019 level). If you are self-employed, reduce your YEL income to below EUR 10,014.24.

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