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Pension insurance for the self-employed (YEL) secures your life and that of your family. YEL insurance assists you if you lose your work capacity, fall ill or take parental leave. Each YEL contribution increases your pension and improves your other social security. The contributions are deducted in your personal or company taxation.

Why Ilmarinen?

At Ilmarinen your pension money is guaranteed to be safe. In the long term and in recent years, Ilmarinen has been the best investor of pension assets. In addition to pension cover, Ilmarinen arranges practical coaching events across Finland for our corporate customers – free of charge.

Discount for new entrepreneurs –22%

Take out the insurance within six months of when your operations have become established or when you transfer to full-time self-employment.

Estimate of your YEL income

Earned YEL income must be between - € per year


Year of birth

YEL insurance contribution


YEL insurance contribution for new entrepreneurs*


* Discount 22 % for the first 4 years.

Daily sickness allowance


Basic daily allowance


Income must be at least

Parental allowance


earnings-related daily allowance


Income must be at least

Estimate of YEL pension


Lowest pension age years months


Target pension age years months

The amounts are estimates and calculated for the ongoing year. Earlier accrued earnings-related pension is disregarded in the calculation.

Number of instalments

Month for first instalment


    Due date YEL contribution New entrepreneur -22 %

    The number of instalments and due months affects the YEL contribution. The most economical way is to pay in one instalment in January.


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