YEL insurance for the newly self-employed

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A business plan, financing, insurance... Lighten routines and conveniently take care of the most important insurance for the self-employed. At the same time, you will be safeguarding your social security. Become our customer and easily take out pension insurance for the self-employed (YEL insurance) online or by calling our insurance sales service at +358 10 284 2385.

YEL insurance supports the self-employed

YEL insurance secures not only your pension, but also your and your family’s life. It forms part of the social security of the self-employed and is a source of support if your company’s operations are interrupted for some reason.

You need YEL insurance if you work for your company full or part time for at least four months, you are between 18 and 67 years old and the value of your work input is more than EUR 7,958.99 per year in 2020. The insurance covers all types of companies: you need insurance, for example, if you are a freelancer or a startup entrepreneur, or if you work in your own limited liability company. YEL insurance must be taken out within six months after your self-employed activities begin.

22 % discount on YEL for new entrepreneurs

If you are newly self-employed, you will receive a 22 % discount on your YEL contributions for the first four years. You will still, however, accrue the same pension and other social security benefits as you would without the discount. The discount period begins when you take out YEL insurance for the first time. You will retain the benefit even if your company changes or if you own more than one company.

You can deduct the full amount of your YEL pension insurance contributions either from your personal or your company’s taxation.


Growth requires resources

When you need employees, you don’t need extra work from pension insurance. Take care of the pension insurance of your permanent and temporary employees conveniently through our online services.