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Työvire survey

Keep track of your work community

Työvire survey is a quick way to measure your work community’s wellbeing on a regular basis. You can start using the survey, if your company has five employees or more. The company’s main user can initiate the survey by sending the participants an email. The participants can answer the survey online, it only takes a few minutes. The main user can easily monitor the results.

Energy affects the whole organisation

Työvire survey paints a picture of the employee experience. It focuses on the meaningfulness of work, setting goals, clarity of expectations and responsibilities, successes, and development. The survey offers an overview of wellbeing and safety at work as well as the level of strain involved.

start using the Työvire survey

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Reports that support your work

The Työvire report gives you a clear overview of the strengths and development areas in your company along with improvement suggestions. You’ll get the results on company level and on team and unit level, if there are five or more participants. By repeating the survey regularly, you can follow the development of work energy in your company and compare your results to the results of other companies.




Benefits for the employer

  • A quick and easy way to assess the personnel's energy levels
  • Facilitates agile and well-targeted measures
  • A way to follow up on development and effectiveness of measures in times of change
  • Open and regular feedback loops help build a more inclusive and open culture


Benefits for the work community

  • A direct and anonymous channel for feedback
  • Open and inclusive company culture
  • A better employee experience

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