Ilmarisen sijoituskohde Pollux -toimistorakennus ulkoa.
Tiedote 11.9.2018

Ilmarinen invests in office property in Frankfurt

Ilmarinen has expanded its real estate investments in Germany by acquiring an office property located at the heart of Frankfurt.

Following the real estate transaction, Ilmarinen owns half of a building named Pollux. The other co-owner of the property is a global institutional investor with whom Ilmarinen has collaborated previously. The 32-storey landmark property located in the European Business District was built in 1997 and its extensive renovation is nearing completion. The lettable area totals approximately 35,000 square metres, and the main tenant is the insurance company Zurich.

The property will be managed by Schroder Real Estate, with which Ilmarinen has carried out several estate investments in Europe.

“Frankfurt is one of the world’s major financial hubs, and demand for office space has been strong since the financial crisis. The city is expected to further strengthen its position as the financial centre of the European Union, which will maintain upward pressure on rent values also in future,” says Mikko Antila, Ilmarinen’s Head of International Real Estate.

Ilmarinen has previously made investments in one office property in Frankfurt and in three office properties in Berlin.

“Ilmarinen’s investment strategy aims at increasing the international diversification of its real estate portfolio. In addition to Germany, Ilmarinen has real estate investments in Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, and the U.S., to name a few. Finnish real estate, however, will continue to make up the core of Ilmarinen’s real estate portfolio,” says Antila.

For further information, please contact:

Mikko Antila, Head of International Real Estate, tel. +358 50 5779066


Uutinen 13.7.2021

Ilmarisen omistus laski Nurminen Logistics Oyj:ssä

Ilmarinen on käyttänyt hybridilainasopimuksen mukaista vaihto-oikeutta ja merkinnyt osakeannissa Nurminen Logistics Oyj:n uusia osakkeita. Tämän järjestelyn toteuduttua Ilmarisen omistus osakkeiden kautta on noussut aiemmasta 11,83%:sta 15,12%:iin. Aikaisemmin Ilmarisen kokonaisomistus osakkeiden ja rahoitusvälineiden kautta oli 16,46%. Koska Ilmarisella ei ole enää omistusta rahoitusvälineiden kautta, yhteenlaskettu omistusosuus osakkeista ja äänistä on järjestelyn myötä laskenut 16,46%:sta 15,12%:iin.

Ilmarisen omistus laski Nurminen Logistics Oyj:ssä
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