Public notice on terminating insurance

On this page, we announce the termination of YEL insurance when the entrepreneur’s address is unknown.

General communication on terminating YEL insurance

We can terminate YEL insurance without the entrepreneur’s separate notification if the entrepreneur’s activities have ended and the authorities have declared the address unknown.

We always issue an appealable decision on the termination of YEL insurance. If we have not been able to find out the entrepreneur’s address, we publish a notice on the termination on our website.


As a general communication, we announce that the insurances under the Self-employed Persons’ Pension Act (YEL) of the following persons have been terminated.

Name (last name,
first name)
City or town of domicile Decision issuance date Date of notification
RASHID AHMED NAZHAN HELSINKI 14.12.2021 15.12.2021
LAPMAA MIHKEL HELSINKI 14.12.2021 15.12.2021
PUKK BRANDT NAANTALI 14.12.2021 15.12.2021
NAUTS ROLAND TYRNÄVÄ 14.12.2021 15.12.2021


Under section 62, paragraph 3 of the Finnish Administrative Procedure Act, the information is deemed to have been received on the seventh day of the publication of this notification.

The termination decisions are available for viewing by the concerned parties at Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company, at the address: Porkkalankatu 1, FI-00180 Helsinki. Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company