Disability risk management principles

We support our customers in disability risk management. The objective is to prevent disability and promote longer careers.

Main policies of disability risk management

We abide by the following policies in our disability risk management.

  1. The disability risk management services we offer our customers are informative and instructive in nature.

  2. We target disability risk management services and financial support at our customers’ projects based on risks and in an impactful manner. We assess our customers’ disability risk and measure the effectiveness of the measures.

  3. Our customers’ disability risk management services are financed with the disability risk management component included in the insurance contribution. The administrative cost component can only be used to cover the company’s own direct personnel costs to the extent that they are not substantial in relation to the disability risk management component included in the insurance contribution. 

  4. Our processes related to disability risk management (incl. internal control, monitoring and reporting) are high-quality and transparent.

The way we work

As part of Ilmarinen’s disability risk management, Ilmarinen guides and advises its customer companies by providing specialist and digital services in the field of disability risk management.

Ilmarinen’s basic approach in its customers’ disability risk management is as follows.

1. Assess and identify

  • Ilmarinen identifies, from among its customer base, the customers with an elevated disability risk.

2. Advise and inform

  • Ilmarinen advises and guides the customer in disability risk management by providing information on the causes of disability and the ways to reduce disability risk, considering the customer’s risk assessment.

3. Support implementation

  • Based on the information provided by Ilmarinen, the customer can initiate measures to reduce the disability risk. The customer can choose to carry out the measures themselves or to purchase them from a third party. Ilmarinen can support the customer in target setting and in planning the measures. Ilmarinen can participate in financing the measures carried out by the customer if this investment, based on Ilmarinen’s risk and effectiveness assessments, is deemed profitable in terms of the expected disability risk expenditure. This is agreed on by concluding an agreement with the customer. The customer’s contribution is half of the costs resulting from the measures to be carried out.

4. Monitor and react

  • Ilmarinen regularly monitors and assesses the customer’s disability risk position as part of its normal insurance risk management. If Ilmarinen has financially supported the measures carried out by the customer, Ilmarinen monitors the implementation and impacts of these measures.

Financial support for projects to reduce disability risks

Ilmarinen can provide financial support for measures that its customers implement to reduce disability risks. We support projects that reduce work ability risks and prevent personnel’s disability. Financial support for work ability projects can be granted to customer companies with an identified high disability risk. The granting of financial support is always subject to a decision in accordance with Ilmarinen’s decision-making system, based on the risk and effectiveness assessment. The assessment uses the disability risk forecast model.

Objectives of disability risk management

The objective of Ilmarinen’s disability risk management is to reduce Ilmarinen’s and the whole earnings-related pension system’s disability pension expenditure. Ilmarinen’s aim is to achieve a balanced disability pension result in the long term.

The services provided by Ilmarinen to its customer companies aim to reduce the disability risk of the employees and self-employed persons insured with Ilmarinen and to improve their chances of returning to work, thus lengthening careers.