Earnings-related pension contributions for 2021 are confirmed

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has confirmed the earnings-related pension insurance contributions for next year. Take a look at the contribution percentages and YEL income limits.

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Apply for an extension to your cash rehabilitation benefit

Apply for an extension to your cash rehabilitation benefit if your benefit is ending and you have not regained your ability to work. Send us a new Medical Statement B around two months before the cash rehabilitation benefit ends.

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Are you struggling to pay TyEL and YEL bills?

Read from our article about what to do if you have payment difficulties.

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How to correct an earnings report in the Incomes Register

You can correct reported earnings data in the Incomes Register either by submitting a replacement report or by cancelling the old one and submitting a new one.

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Vocational rehabilitation decision

Did you receive a preliminary vocational rehabilitation decision when you applied for a disability pension?

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