Transactions with Ilmarinen’s Related Parties

We deal with transactions with our related parties in accordance with the related-party guidelines approved by Ilmarinen’s Board of Directors.

Our transactions with related parties

As a rule, the Board of Directors decides on significant transactions when the transaction involves a party related to Ilmarinen. The Board of Directors also decides on a transaction when the elements of the decision-making process could result in an image that might raise doubt as to the independence of the decision-making. 

Who are Ilmarinen’s related parties?

Ilmarinen’s related parties are the persons and corporations defined below.

A person who is a member of Ilmarinen’s Supervisory Board or Board of Directors, President and CEO, a member of the Executive Group, the principal auditor or their spouse or a person under their guardianship.

A corporation that is the controlled corporation of a person closely associated with Ilmarinen as specified above.

A corporation whose board member or deputy board member, managing director or employee is a member of Ilmarinen’s Board of Directors, and a corporation whose board member or deputy board member is Ilmarinen’s President and CEO or a member of its Executive Group.

A corporation that belongs to the same Group as the above-mentioned corporation, or in which the above-mentioned corporation is a general partner.

Related-party transactions disclosed by us 

We keep an up-to-date public record of significant related-party transactions involving a person closely associated with Ilmarinen or his/her controlled corporation. We disclose the parties, the date, the target and the key terms and conditions of the transactions.

Transactions with Ilmarinen’s management and with its related parties and their controlled corporations:

  • we do not have any related-party transactions to be disclosed. 

The list of our related parties and related-party transactions is maintained by our Compliance Officer. 

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