Earnings-related pension contributions and discounts

The pension cover of your employees is your responsibility. You can take care of it by paying the TyEL pension contribution. As llmarinen’s customer you get the excellent client bonuses and discounts the sector.

TyEL insurance is statutory

You can take care of your employees’ pension cover by taking out employees’ pension insurance, i.e. TyEL insurance, for them. Pension cover is part of the Finnish social security system. That is why taking out insurance is statutory, which means it is obligatory.

We use part of the contribution you pay to cover the pensions of current pensioners and invest the rest productively and responsibly to secure the pensions of future generations.

The TyEL contribution is based on the wages and salaries you pay

Your TyEL contribution is based on the wages and salaries you pay. As an employer, it is your responsibility to report your employees’ earnings payment data to the Incomes Register once a month. We can view the information in the Incomes Register and will calculate your TyEL contribution based on the TyEL earnings data reported to the Incomes Register every month.

The following affects your contribution

Your TyEL contribution is reduced by the client bonus that we pay our customers once a year. 

Ilmarinen’s good solvency and cost-effectiveness will guarantee our customers the sector’s excellent client bonuses once again this year.

As a large employer, your employees’ work ability has a major impact on the size of your TyEL contribution. As a large employer, you are also entitled to a contribution loss discount and the largest employers are additionally entitled to a discount for large payrolls.