Reporting earnings data to Incomes Register

Report all the salaries and wages you have paid to the Incomes Register. As a rule, submit the report within five days of payment. The report must be submitted after each payment of wages. There is no minimum limit in euros for the data to be reported; wages paid to persons under 18 years of age must also be reported.

Reporting of earnings payment data to the Incomes Register

The Incomes Register is a national electronic database. It contains all information on salaries and wages, pensions and benefits. The data producers report the data on earned income to the Incomes Register in real time. Report all the salaries and wages you have paid to your employees to the Incomes Register.

Report earnings using the earnings payment report. Submit the report within five days of payment. Do this after each payment of wages.

You can send the earnings payment report in two different ways: through the payroll system your company is using or by logging in to the Incomes Register’s e-service. In the e-service, you can fill in the form or send the data as a file.

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Also report fringe benefits to the Incomes Register

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The TyEL contribution will be calculated based on the earnings data reported to the Incomes Register

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Changes to the earnings payment report

Did you notice an error in your earnings payment report?

If you have made an error in the earnings payment report, correct it as soon as possible. If you do not notice the error until later, you have 10 years to correct it. How you should correct the error depends on what the error relates to. The payer must correct incorrect data in the earnings payment report in the Incomes Register either by submitting a replacement report or by cancelling the previous report and submitting a new report.

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Did you forget to submit an earnings payment report?

If you submit an earnings payment report too late, you may have to pay insurance contribution interest. This is because the TyEL contribution falls due in the second month following the payment of wages. In this case, insurance contribution interest will be added to the insurance contribution for the second month. The Tax Administration can impose a late-filing penalty for an earnings payment report that is submitted late.

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When your employee retires

When your employee is retiring, include the information in the report to the Incomes Register. Also state the end date of his or her employment relationship and the reason for termination. When you report the information to the Incomes Register, we will receive it almost in real time. If you report wages paid to a retiring employee several times during a month, include the employment relationship end date in each report.

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Employer’s separate report

In addition to the earnings payment report, you should also submit another report to the Incomes Register, the so-called employer’s separate report. This separate report is only submitted once a month, whereas you may submit several earnings payment reports in a month, as they must be submitted after each payment of wages.

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Report employees’ earnings payment data for 2018 or earlier years to Ilmarinen by secure email or call our customer service at +358 010 195 083 (mobile charge/local network charge) Mon–Fri 8 a.m.–4 p.m.

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