Online sparring sessions on work ability management

We provide you with help in work ability management. Our specialists provide advice when it comes to early support, work load factors and issues related to returning to work.

We provide help in work ability management

Our specialists provide advice and support in work ability management – the best practices, concrete solutions, with a hands-on approach.

We will help you with the following themes:

  • early support practices
  • cooperation with workability management partners
  • psychological work load factors and work resources
  • physical workload factors
  • support for returning to work
  • "Työvire" and "Työyhteisövire" surveys
  • effective work ability management practices

Contact us, we will be happy to help

Are granted disability pensions impacting the pension contributions of your company? Contact us, we will be happy to help. As our customer, you can book an online sparring session with our work ability management specialist.

The service is for persons who are responsible for developing company’s work ability management. You can reach our specialists by email at The sparring sessions last 45 minutes and they are held via Teams. Contact us to learn more!