Sponsorship and donation principles

Sponsorships and various partnerships are part of our marketing communications. We primarily use donations to support research and activities aimed at preventing disability.


We use sponsorships to support a group, an event or another activity so that it promotes the goals of all parties involved in the collaboration. Partnerships can also involve, for instance, joint development or joint marketing communication efforts.

Sponsorships aim to create the right kind of emotions and associations with Ilmarinen. We always carry out our sponsorship collaboration openly and responsibly and we disclose our sponsored parties on this page.

Sponsorship goals

Our sponsorship goals are

  • Promoting strategic targets: Sponsorships and partnerships are always based on Ilmarinen’s strategic targets and values.
  • Reinforcing the brand: Sponsorships help build Ilmarinen’s desired brand image.
  • Reaching the identified target groups: Sponsorships and partnerships affect Ilmarinen’s key stakeholders.

Sponsorship principles

  • The activities must be honest and in accordance with the law and good business practices.
  • Sponsorships must be generally accepted and must not be misleading.
  • Partnerships and sponsorships must comply with Ilmarinen’s business and procurement principles.
  • Partnerships must be based on fairness and trust between all the parties and on mutually agreed-on responsibilities.
  • In situations involving the participation of several parties, we make sure that their interests are aligned appropriately.

Sponsorship criteria

We evaluate our sponsored parties and partners according to four criteria:

  • They must support Ilmarinen’s strategy and brand.
  • The co-operation must bring mutual benefits.
  • They must reach Ilmarinen’s key target groups.
  • They bring measurable visibility of benefits.

Our sponsorships focus

  • Primarily on long-term partnerships.
  • Co-operation with a handful of partners in the most effective and targeted manner possible.

We do not sponsor targets or projects that

  • Offer nothing more than logo visibility.
  • Involve other companies from the same sector.
  • Involve an individual person.
  • Do not support Ilmarinen’s values.

We also do not participate in telephone campaigns or other chain campaigns.

Sponsorship agreements

We always sign a written agreement with the sponsored entity. We take the legal aspect into account when assessing the sponsored entities, in negotiations and when drawing up the agreement.

We specify in the agreement the parties to the agreement, the sponsored entity, the sponsored amount, the considerations given to the sponsor and the duration of the agreement. The agreement states the contents of the sponsorship co-operation and any subsequent changes made to it.

Our sponsorship targets in 2021

  • Future Board ry
  • HJK
  • The Central Union for the Welfare of the Aged
  • Yeesi ry (Youth Mental Health Association)


The amount of funds to be used for donations is decided on annually by the General Meeting. For 2020, the General Meeting has allocated EUR 50,000 for donations. Our President and CEO decides on the donations and we report on them annually to the Board of Directors.

Donations are always gratuitous and given to purposes of general interest. We take purposes of general interest to mean, for example, politically and religiously independent, non-profit organisations or organisations established to support science, art or culture.

We primarily use donations to support research or activities that aim to prevent disability and marginalisation, to lengthen careers and to promote youth employment.

Our donation recipients in 2020

  • MIELI Mental Health Finland
  • Children and Youth Foundation
  • Finnish Red Cross

We do not support political parties

We do not offer financial support to political parties or make art or other purchases from them.